CRE8 Independent Consultant Workflow and Process Improvement

CRE8 assists private and public organizations with understanding, redesigning and improving their workflows and processes.  We help organizations:


  • Develop an enterprise, department, or group workflow/process improvement plan.
  • Define workflow/process improvement goals (communication, cost, efficiency, quality, customer service, regulation response) and measurements.
  • Determine the correct process improvement methodology or the mixture of methodologies for the organization and project (Lean, Six Sigma, Re-engineering, Business Process Management, Total Quality Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Workflow).
  • Document and map the current workflow/process state. 
  • Evaluate current workflow/process state: issues, defects, goals, and customer requirements.  Identify root causes of issues and defects. Determine what process changes are necessary to meet process and goals.
  • Conduct workflow/process redesigns using procedural changes, better use of currently owned technology, or as required addition of new technology.
  • Develop a change action plan.
  • Oversee changes.

As independent consultants, we work directly for the end-user and do not sell or represent any technology solutions.  This allows us to provide an independent voice in the documentation of processes,  identification of procedural changes, understanding how currently owned technology can be better used, and evaluatation of new technology.

CRE8 projects are staffed by leading professionals who have extensive experience assisting organizations with process improvement.  Our consultants provide full knowledge transfer of the tools and techniques that we employ. Our goal is excellence in service.

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