Columbus is Macro 4's enterprise information management suite. The integrated suite is comprised of six key modules:

Columbus Central, for multi-channel delivery and document workflow 

Columbus Central helps you to reduce operating costs and improve business efficiency by managing the capture, storage, processing and multi-channel delivery of all data and document output according to your business rules, document content and customer preferences.

Columbus DW, for compliant document storage, transformation and presentment

Columbus DW is a high-performance document warehouse for storage, transformation, presentment and analysis of huge volumes of computer-generated documents, data and scanned images. Any information stored in Columbus DW can be accessed instantly using the web, email and mobile devices. This provides the flexibility to share business content digitally without the cost and risk involved in changing your core business applications or interfaces.

Columbus DoXite, for intelligent document composition

Columbus DoXite gives you everything you need to create personalized documents on a vast scale, in a range of electronic and printed formats. There is no need for an army of programmers, as business users can design their own document templates with ease. It is simple to add dynamic graphical content and alter the message, appearance and document format to suit the individual recipient.

Columbus OM, for open systems output management

Designed to run on open systems, Columbus OM assures delivery of documents and data from any application, regardless of technology platform, to any networked printer. All print jobs and printers throughout your organization are managed centrally, from a single point of control, allowing you to detect and correct problems quickly – before they start affecting your customers and business users.

Columbus Z, for mainframe output management

Designed to run on IBM Z, Columbus Z allows users to send mainframe documents to any printer in a multi-platform systems landscape including z/Linux, Unix, IBM i and Windows. Non-mainframe applications can make use of high-speed mainframe-attached printers, and vice versa: documents can be transferred off the mainframe to low-cost PCL printers, enabling optimal use of your existing printer hardware.

Columbus Accounting, for business intelligence

Columbus Accounting is a business intelligence (BI) framework that extracts valuable operational data from your enterprise information management systems and provides comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your organization's digital and print delivery processes to help you identify how you can save costs and drive continuous service improvement.

Find out more about the Columbus suite here.

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15 Jul 2019

By Macro 4
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