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Collaborative Edit for Documentum (Collaborative Edit) is a business solution that leverages the technical capabilities of Informed’s SPA4D (SharePoint Add-in for Documentum) platform. The add-in runs inside the Office 365 / SharePoint environment and behaves like any SharePoint Add-in. It provides access to the information in Documentum through a DFS (Documentum Foundation Services) environment. This architecture is independent of the location of the elements. Typical scenarios include: cloud, hybrid, and on-premise.

Controlled. The document controller in Documentum decides whom will participate in the collaborative edit sub-process and when it starts and stops. Once started, the document can be shared by participants with other Office 365 users. This is all captured and secured in the audit trail.

Synchronous. The document remains the single source of the truth while it is edited or reviewed by multiple users at the same time. True synchronous editing. As a user you do see who else is making edits. This prevents a chain of reactions in a time consuming sequence.

Stop & Go. The edits in the document are automatically saved and don’t have to be finished in one go. Your partial edits are available to all other participants. And when you continue, the edits from the other participants are visible to further enhance your collaborative contribution.

Independence. Anyplace, anytime, anywhere. The three pillars of independence that are needed to provide first class collaboration. It is possible to participate from any location at any given time that suits you best within the limitations – if any – that the enterprise dictates.

Ease of Use. Technology has become a commodity to users. They expect certain behaviour, certain usage comfort. With the BYOD-wave, the expectation from users has increased to a level that is very well understood by Microsoft Office 365. That experience is now also available for Documentum content.

Expandable. Because no Documentum implementation is the same, it is possible to expand the product to neatly fit any environment. Include it in an xCP process. Include it in a D2 workflow. Include it as part of the Life Science industry solution.

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20 Mar 2019

By Informed Group
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