It’s Xillio’s mission to solve the challenges organizations face with their fragmented content repositories -- challenges to build a consistent customer experience, challenges to manage the productivity of internal employees and mostly, challenges of organizations to react in a timely matter to rapidly changing market conditions. The Xillio engine consists of a cloud-based API, one content model that understands any unstructured content with a myriad of connectors that communicate through the content model to create a one-to-many access point to integrate, migrate and manage a full spectrum of content repositories allowing developers to build the necessary integrations much faster and cheaper. The engine offers unparalleled integration possibilities for interoperability, normalization, enrichment and inclusion of value add content services like machine learning, translation, classification etc. In addition to the engine, Xillio provides content migration and integration services, such as complex content migrations, bulk migrations and custom legacy integration projects. Xillio partners with most large System Integrators and also with specialized local implementation companies. Xillio is headquartered in Hilversum, Netherlands. More information can be found at www.xillio.com.

Xillio engine with one API, one content model and multiple connectors


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