Yakidoo Drap and Drop

What is it?

Drag and Drop is an application which allows users to literally drag documents from their desktop (or any window) and drop them on to the application.

What Are The Features

The application features an intuitive interface, allowing users to drag any filetype onto the app from any folder. Database lookups can be done against your existing backend tables. This important feature will enable you to:

  • Protect the quality of your content by ensuring the information being keyed is one that exists in your backend. For Example the Account Number is valid and exists in your current customer master file.
  • The application will also repopulate fields based on the lookup rules. For example, the use of the account number can automatically pull back the name, address, and phone number.  This will minimize the effort required by the end user.

From there, users can easily:

  • Database lookups can be done against your existing backend tables.  This important feature will enable you to:
  • Instant Multi-Page Document Preview
  • Select The Item(s) Type They Wish To Upload
  • Customize & Type In Field Data
  • Utilize Rubber Band OCR (Optical Character Recognition) with image files* by drawing a rectangle around any printed text to mirror over to the empty field. accelerating the input process

Key Problems For Customers

Prior to Yakidoo Drag and Drop, users are inundated with endless clicks and buttons; not knowing where to start. The norm was to have very complex windows with endless buttons

  • Dated User Interface
  • Complex and Overwhelming To Use
  • No Real-Time Preview Window
  • No Database Validation

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28 Feb 2014

By Yakidoo
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