Yakidoo CS

Why Yakidoo CS?

This system allows you to store and archive documents that have been scanned, mass imported or individually uploaded into an application where you have the possibility of retrieving those documents and viewing them from any location, anytime.

Furthermore,  it removes the aspects of filing a document; not only through restricted, one way search methods such as by “Name”  but you can now find it with many manners in conjunction with a certain index; find documents anywhere anytime while reducing the time to retrieve a document.

Value Statements


  • Archive and store documents electronically
  • Securely search retrieve through a Web or Thick Client
  • Ability to manually and automatically import documents
  • Ability to highlight, create notes, draw arrows, circle without affecting the original document
  • Ability to export, email or print documents with or without annotations
  • For your convenience and security seamless integration to your existing active directory
  • Ability to control which users or groups can view certain types of documents


  • Reduced Costs By Allowing Requestors Instant Access To The Requested Document on Demand
  • Mitigate Risk and Achieve Corporate and/or Regulatory Compliance
  • Increase communication with your customer
  • Manage documents and data in a single repository

Industries – Literally any organization, which has paper!

  • Financial Institutions (Credit Unions, Investment Managers, etc.)
  • Insurance (Brokers, Boutique Providers, related service providers)
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Property Management
  • Government
  • Manufacturing & Distribution

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28 Feb 2014

By Yakidoo
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