Yakidoo CMoves

Yakidoo CMoves

Yakidoo CMoves is a unique application that extends the capability of your existing IBM Content Manager environment providing an easy to use graphical user interface. With its flexibility and efficiency, documents can be moved the right way. CMoves allows you to fill queries and do searches to seamlessly move content from its current mapping to its destination; all in a couple of clicks.

Key Problems For Customers

Traditional Methods of Reorganizing Data and Content from one index class to another can have a number of challenges:

  • Frequent need to Re-Index Within IBM Content Manager 
  • Moving Documents from one Index Class To Another is Time Consuming 
  • Re-Indexing Individual Documents

What Are The Features?

Yakidoo CMoves provides a friendly and easy to use graphical user interface for both end user and administrator:

  • Re-Index all documents in a couple of clicks
  • Allows Users To Ensure The Validity Of The Index Class Destinations allowing
    Easy Location Of Documents

  • File Mapping table generates a dynamic list based on the index classes selected

  • Search area allow users to submit queries to the Content Manager and receive results

  • With These Simple Steps, A Document Can Be Moved With Ease and Minimal Effort

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28 Feb 2014

By Yakidoo
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