Yakidoo AutoUploader

What is it?
The Yakidoo Auto Uploader application for IBM Content Manager allows users to set up an automatic service that will poll a designated folder for text files. Any updates made to each file will then be read and uploaded according to the configuration for that specific content type.

Key Problems For Customers

• Limited Flexibility With Configuring Mapping Fields

• Configuring The Positioning Of Each Fields

• Uncountable Steps To Get Information Accurately Uploaded

• Risk of Data Entry Errors During The Field Entry Phase

What are the Features?

 • Ability To Run As a Service Unattended,

• Detailed Record Upload Information,

• Detailed Logging Features,

• Item Types And Index Fields Controls Are Dynamically Obtained From Content Manager,

• Order Of Field Data Can Be Configured,

• Designated Working Folder Contains Detailed Information On Records Uploaded,

• Designated Completed Folder Contains Completed Records In The Same Format Provided,

• Designated Error Folder Contains Erroneous Records In The Same Format Provided And Can Be Used Again to Upload.

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28 Feb 2014

By Yakidoo
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