XPlica for SharePoint

XPlica for SharePoint migrates Site Collections, Sites and their content from one server to another. This useful SharePoint migration tool helps administrators migrate their SharePoint setup from their older server to their new SharePoint infrastructure. During migration it retains content hierarchy, document versions as well as user permissions, thus allowing SharePoint users to continue working with their content in the new environment, unhindered.

You can filter the content to migrate and apply new metadata to the migrated content besides re-classifying the document content types. This tool helps administrators migrate their Site Collections from SharePoint 2003/2007 to 2010/2013 servers (or Office 365) and apply/update permissions.

Original file summary is retained and applied to the migrated documents as they are deposited in the respective Libraries and Lists. The metadata collator tool helps you to create an inventory of your Items and their metadata. This data can be replaced with new data and applied to the content in the new servers.

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