Xillio API

The Xillio API provides a platform for developers to build integrations with all popular content repositories. Developers can effortlessly retrieve content stored in both cloud content systems and legacy systems accessible from any application.

The core functionality of the Xillio API is to create, retrieve, manipulate and delete content and metadata. The goal of the API is for developers to work in a repository agnostic way: when you build an integration with one repository, it works with all repositories.

Unmatched Connectivity

Xillio API provides many connectors to many different types of content repositories, like Documentum, FileNet, Confluence, Adobe Experience Manager, Dropbox and many more. We develop new connectors on a regular basis. Check out the connectors to see what we have available right now.

The Xillio API is a JSON REST API. This means that in order to use the API you need to do HTTP calls. To protect the REST endpoints (and the content that is accessed through them) the API uses OAuth 2 authentication.

For more information on how to use the Xillio API please take a look at the Xillio API Documentation and the knowledge base on our Xillio API support site.

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24 Dec 2018

By Xillio
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