Wicks and Wilson Microfilm, Microfiche and Aperture Card Scanners

Purchased by The Crowley Company in November 2011, the WWL tradition of manufacturing microform products on the cutting-edge of technology continues. The Scanstation product line complements Crowley’s first manufactured brand, Mekel Technology, and gives customers a range of microform products suitable for all volumes and all budgets.

Roll Film Scanner

Convert either 16mm or 35mm roll film into easily-accessed digital data

Microfiche Scanner

Designed to quickly and easily scan all types of fiche, from jackets to COM

The 7700 and 8800 series scanners are available with Virtual Scanstation QA software. Flexible enough to integrate with existing workflows, Virtual Scanstation provides a powerful toolkit that allows every image scanned from microform to be checked and adjusted before creating the final saved image and without impacting the capture throughput.

Aperture Card Scanner

Convert 35mm aperture cards into digital data allowing immediate access or printing

Microform Scanner

Convert film, fiche and aperture cards in a single unit. Competitive advantages of the UScan+ include color capture, USB 3.0 connectivity and auto/batch scan.


Case Study

One man. One machine. 26 million+ newspaper images.

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15 Apr 2014

By The Crowley Company
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