We’re done “searching the bushes” for information

Remember when your paper boy just couldn’t hit the porch? Whether it’s the evening news or critical business data, getting the right information delivery model in place is a must. Fortunately, we’re moving away from imprecise physical delivery models—like outboxes and big brown envelopes—and toward next-generation digital document management systems.

But defining your document delivery requirements isn’t as simple as digital vs. physical. Even if you’re committed to a digital solution, you must decide whether you want to mount it on existing, in-house hardware and software or take advantage of the rapid deployment, cost control, scalability and collaboration capabilities offered by cloud document management.

Given that the value of business information is largely a function of its “retrieve-ability,” cloud document management is particularly valuable for businesses with geographically distributed work teams who need to access and work together on the same documents.

To learn more about the pros and cons of cloud document management, click here.

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13 Feb 2014

By Solgeniakhela
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