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Dashboard of Vitrium Security - Document Security and DRMVitrium Security is a document security and digital rights management (DRM) solution for companies that publish and distribute confidential or revenue-generating documents. 

Protect your PDF and Office files with Vitrium Security and gain incredible insight with detailed, real-time analytics reports. Secure your content with one of the highest levels of security while still offering seamless access for your users. Users do not require any apps or plug-ins to view secured content and they can access from any device.


Vitrium secured files are protected with military-grade encryption and remain that way at all times – no matter who’s accessing the content, no matter what device is being used. The security layers and encryption travel with the document even if it gets saved to a local machine, corporate network, or mobile device. Depending on how you have the document set up, the user will need some form of credential or authentication to unlock and view the content. You can trust Vitrium Security to keep your document secure at all times.


Protect Your Revenue Streams

Vitrium Security is well suited for companies that earn revenue from their content. Documents are secured with high-grade encryption but still easy for users to gain access to the content. Vitrium Security can be used for the following types of content:

  • eBooks
  • Online training materials
  • Market & pricing reports
  • Research reports & newsletters
  • Title insurance & property management documents
  • And much more!


Control at Your Fingertips

With Vitrium Security, you are in complete control. Choose from a variety of document control and DRM policies including print and copy control, watermark selection, device limits, expiry dates, and more. Additionally, you can:

  • Set up users and groups
  • Apply DRM policies (printing, device limits, etc.)
  • Change controls at any time
  • Revoke documents at any time
  • Track user activity
  • And much more!


Offer Easy Access for Your Users

Make it simple for users to access your secure documents. They can view their content from any device – desktop, tablet or smartphone. Vitrium’s secured PDF files work seamlessly with Adobe Reader or Acrobat on desktops, and Vitrium’s secured web links work well on all devices.

  • No apps or plug-ins to view secured content
  • Add secure web links to your website, in email or on file sharing network
  • Upload secure PDF files to your network, file sharing site, or other system
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are available


Gain Incredible Insight & Analytical Data

Monitor the effectiveness of your secured content with information about what files are being opened, when, from which IP address, machine ID and application. Get granular information such as time spent on documents, pages viewed, and so on.

  • View information at a glance with the dashboard
  • Drill into more detail with the reports
  • Export any report to CSV/Excel
  • Drill down into a specific document or user


Get a Tailored, Yet Affordable Solution

A document security or DRM solution may be all that you’re looking for to protect your content but it may also be one piece of the puzzle – part of a new or revised content strategy. In any case, Vitrium has the capabilities to support a variety of different needs:

  • Sign up today and get started with our cloud-hosted solution
  • Connect with our team to identify all the other moving parts
  • Get your technical team to review our APIs
  • Leverage Vitrium’s team for consulting advice


Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems

Vitrium can work with your team, a systems integrator, or other consultant to implement and integrate Vitrium Security in your business with any 3rd party or homegrown system. We have done successful integrations with:

  • Websites, Intranets or other web portals
  • Document management or content management systems
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • CRM systems
  • Databases such as Active Directory and others
  • And more!

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16 Feb 2017

By Vitrium
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