Verve Capture

The Verve Capture software suite provides Key from Paper(KFP), Key from Image(KFI), OCR character correction, Validation and Reporting.

Verve Capture is comprised of modules that allow you to build your custom capture application.

  • Design module – A WYSIWYG high speed capture application builder with dozens of time saving functions and importers. Use Design to build your flexible and reusable validation stories.
  • Entry module – This is a high speed data capture module with dozens of built in functions which speed the entry and correction of data. An extremely flexible validation engine will ensure accuracy as you type.
  • Admin module – This is a window into your system that is also used to set security, run reports and configure global settings.
  • Import/Export module – This module creates Verve Batches from content and control files. Allows you to export the text meta data and index values to a file. Allows exporting of content files in supported formats.

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23 Jan 2018

By Dana Showers
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