TAB FusionRMS 9.4

Announcing TAB FusionRMS 9.4!

TAB is pleased to announce that the latest release of TAB FusionRMS is now available.

TAB FusionRMS 9.4 offers a single, secure software solution to organize, manage and mobilize your physical and electronic information. It helps you maximize the business value of your information, lower your costs and manage risk and compliance.

The era of mobile records management is here

The latest release includes the brand-new FusionRMS mobile app, which helps to usher in the era of mobile records management. Available for iOS and Android devices, the FusionRMS mobile app offers true mobile records management capabilities, allowing you to access and manage records anywhere, any time, using any device.

With the new mobile app, you can complete records management tasks such as:

  • documenting physical file transfers
  • putting in requests for files
  • retrieving database items based on barcode
  • reading barcodes using your device’s built-in camera
  • and more!

What else is new:

FusionRMS 9.4 includes several other exciting new features, both in the front-end and behind the scenes. In the front-end, FusionRMS offers your team more ways to access and administer the application, and it allows for more seamless use across different geographic locations. FusionRMS has also undergone some back-end updates that make it easier for you to enjoy a hosted deployment of FusionRMS.

With FusionRMS 9.4, you can:

  • administer TAB FusionRMS from any compatible web browser
  • design labels, lookup barcodes, and import attachments from any compatible web browser
  • get up-and-running quickly and easily with a hosted deployment of FusionRMS
  • seamlessly view date formats in the local setting.

How to upgrade to FusionRMS 9.4

If you are under an active maintenance contract, you can upgrade to TAB FusionRMS free of charge. Simply contact FusionRMS support to book the upgrade.

For new clients, your local TAB representative will be happy to outline pricing and support packages to get you started with FusionRMS.

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01 Sep 2016

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