SoftTrac Synergetics

ibml, the longtime leader in intelligent document recognition during scan time, now expands its intelligent document recognition offerings with a post scanning software option.

ibml is introducing Synergetics, the newest software module for its SoftTrac® Capture Suite. Synergetics is designed for organizations who need to handle multi-channel input streams and seek to automate document processing. Synergetics is an intelligent document recognition solution that classifies documents and extracts metadata automatically. With this addition to the suite, ibml now offers a complete end-to-end scanning and capture solution.

The combination of Synergetics with the ImageTrac® family of scanners provides users with best-in-class synergies for automatic classification and data extraction of business documents.

Together, Synergetics’ advanced document recognition technology and the ImageTrac’s superior image quality and metadata deliver the most accurate results. With the Synergetics Dashboard, users benefit from real-time performance monitoring and rich statistical reporting from scan time through the post scan document recognition stage.

And Synergetics is designed specifically to make it easier to deploy, use and maintain.

The software’s thin client architecture eliminates the need for users to install and maintain software on their own workstations. Additionally, the software’s advanced technology enables users to set up new jobs with as few as one sample of each document type. The simplicity of the software translates into less time required to implement. Similarly, system administrators can be fully trained on Synergetics in as few as three days.

And Synergetics’ predictable, bundled pricing ensures that users get all of the functionality required of an enterprise document recognition solution without hidden costs or additional seat licenses. ibml’s pricing structure is based on a server license model with no click charges.

ibml’s SoftTrac Synergetics employs full-page advanced text classification, and image based classification, to identify and sort documents such as invoices, mortgage and tax documents, insurance applications, and medical records. The software identifies the unique words for each document and considers titles to learn hundreds of documents within minutes. Synergetics can also use barcodes and other values on documents to automatically determine where a document starts and ends. All of this means that operators only have to focus on the exceptions.

Synergetics leverages leading-edge technology to automatically extract data from documents for sorting and the reduction of paper handling and manual data entry.

Synergetics supports a wide range of data extraction technologies, including:

  • Free form unstructured extraction
  • Barcode extraction
  • Handwriting extraction
  • Mark sense extraction
  • Fuzzy database extraction
  • PDF & text extraction
  • Fixed form extraction

Synergetics accurately extracts data fields from unstructured forms using key anchors, values and patterns. In an invoice processing application, these fields might include the invoice date, account number, purchase order number, service code, amount, or due date. Data can be quickly validated using databases and table lookups.

Synergetics also exports data to any format, including xml and PDF, or any content management system, such as IBM FileNet, Documentum, Sharepoint, or Alfresco. Synergetics can also process documents directly from these systems, so the documents never need to leave the repository.

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11 Feb 2014

By Debby Kristofco
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