SharePoint Information Organizer

SharePoint Information Organizer is an administrative and management application that helps you make the best possible use of your SharePoint resources. This is a highly useful tool for SharePoint administrators, helping them offload some of their burden and tasks to Site administrators and content owners.

Administrators find this application useful as it presents all SharePoint administrative tasks within a single window, which together help manage SharePoint better.

This powerful collaborative SharePoint solution helps you:

  • Classify, organize and manage Site Collections, content, metadata as well as Users.
  • Manage Term Stores, Content Types, Columns and Items to make SharePoint more efficient.
  • Also helps you improve SharePoint security and comply with Site Collections storage quota regulations.
  • Improve SharePoint database server resource utilization to help them run better and serve user requests faster. Makes faster search possible by helping you manage metadata.
  • Manage SharePoint Site Hierarchy and improve its performance.

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