FACILEX® Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) using SharePoint

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) is fundamental to any process safety management program. An effective PHA program is a required in order to effectively identify the hazards within a process, and establish the controls to prevent or mitigate those hazards.

A thorough process hazard analysis must identify all process safety scenarios, where process energy can create a consequence of interest:
Community effects
Environmental releases
Equipment damage
Injuries and fatalities
Product quality impacts
Regulatory compliance
Reputation impacts

Our comprehensive PHA methodology is based on industry best practices and techniques.

Gateway's FACILEX® SharePoint PHA application, manages PHA's from initiation, node creation and hazard analysis. FACILEX® is integrated with Excel. This permits the use of the familiar Excel user-interface, while still rigorously managing the PHA data in the SharePoint database. This approach permits working on individual PHAs, while still seamlessly managing follow-up items on a global basis. The application has exceptional audit and reporting functions. The FACILEX® PHA program design is comprehensive and well suited for the asset hierarchy of a large enterprise. This application should be of tremendous interest to any process safety professional, risk manager or facility manager.

View an On Demand Webcast of the "Managing PHAs Throughout the Entire Lifecycle" at www.GatewayGroup.com

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26 Nov 2019

By Dr. Rainer Hoff
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