SharePoint Add-in for Life Science

SPA4LS - SharePoint Add-In for Life Science

Connecting ease of use to quality control is what SPA4LS brings you. A dedicated version of SPA4D for the Life Science industry.

With SPA4LS you leverage your SharePoint investment but keep 100% compatible with EMC's Life Sciences Suite and the best practices of the DIA EDM Reference Model.

  • Includes artifact creation from within SharePoint.
  • Search Results: Filtering, Facets and Document preview
  • Partner Exchange: Collaboration, Import and Easy Access
  • Training Use Case: Sign off on To Be Read tasks
  • Integration: Aerow ARender for document preview and annotations

To Be Read - Training Use Case

Ensure compliance and give users or partners access to the last training documents. Track training as it occurs while maintaining an auditable record of training within EMC's Life Science Suite.

Partner Exchange

Provide partners access to various document types following Documentum security rules to each user or partner.

Property Pages

View all properties of EMC's Life Sciences Suite from SharePoint through Browse app parts as well as search results.

Task Inbox

Convenient access to all task that a user needs to act upon while providing the relevant contextual properties and preview of documents.

Preview & Annotate Documents

Use ARender to preview documents and create annotations All annotations are stored in Documentum as separate objects and can be read and managed accordingly from within D2.


Find the documents you're looking for and tune the search results to your needs by filtering and applying facets.

Seamless Collaboration

Leverage MS Office and Office 365 collaboration functionality for partners and users according to configurable rules for each partner and user group.

SOP Easy Access

Provide easy access to SOP's for your users through pre-configured Browse app parts or through search.

LSS and D2 compliant import

Documents can be imported by partners and users according to the rules of EMC's Life Science Suite and are stored as fully compliant D2 documents.

All features of SPA4D

SPA4LS also provides all features that SPA4D provides. This includes reduced license cost for external partners and casual internal users.

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You can find additional information and request a demonstration at the SPA4LS website.

Read more about SPA4D, our sister product, here in the AIIM Buyers Guide.

With Collaborative Edit and Collaborative Partner Exchange, we also offer dedicated business soluitions.

You can also find additional SPA4D information and request a demonstration at the SPA4D website.

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20 Mar 2019

By Informed Products
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