Shared Service automation

Shared services are a proven way to reduce overall costs and increase efficiencies for global organizations with multiple lines of business and operating units.

From back office to front end customer interaction, we now have tools and applications to automate processes and interpret meaningful data. The mobile culture is changing both internal and external customer expectations and the way business is driven.  Driven by technological advances, SSC is making its strongest re-emergence as a deliver model in a decade, covering Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Master Data Management, Contracts Management, Legal Services, Customer Service and a myriad other processes across a wide range of industries.

Avaali supports enterprises in their SSC strategy to execution process with the following set of services:

SSC Strategy and Consulting: 

Enables your organization to adopt SSC as a strategic initiative rather than just a way to centralize and share resources with people cost savings in mind. It is essential to understand organizational and SSC objectives, assess current processes, define to-be processes, define a strategy and roadmap for SSC adoption and rollout, define key metrics and KPI’s for each process and then look at the technology enablers.

Recommending best of breed technology solutions:

Identifying the right technology enablers is paramount to your success. It is important to pick and choose your battles in terms of automation to ensure that you achieve your business and SSC goals, rather than finding yourself in a quagmire of expensive software that is difficult to implement and painful to adopt.

Technology implementation and change management

Implementation of best of breed solutions for SSC is not only about technology implementation but more importantly about effective change management. While technical prowess and credentials are essential for success, it is very important to engage with the right consulting team that is able to work closely with your business stakeholders and be the torch bearers for the change in your organization.

On-going support

Post implementation support is of utmost importance for the continued success and relevance of your SSC. Poor support could often result in rollbacks or old habits creeping into the process.

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