Scanning and Capture Solutions

Each and every business is on a digital transformation journey with their information.

We recognise that throughout your organisation there may be different document scanning requirements based on the nature of the documentation and data processed.

We have the ability to intelligently capture documents and data. Information that is digitally extracted can be used to assist your business processes, for example automation of customer on-boarding forms, invoicing, POD’s, claim forms, supplier documentation.

Once a document has been scanned, data can be extracted and analysed by a variety of means. Furthermore all text can be converted to a searchable format for easy and intelligent referencing. 

Our wealth of industry knowledge providing commercial scanning services has helped us to develop a customer focused process:

  1. Kefron will conduct a discovery session with key stakeholders to understand your business processes
  2. We will prepare a digital scanning/capture solution to meet with these procedures
  3. Our process is agreed and an SLA is signed
  4. Documents and data are routed to Kefron and digitised according to the agreed solution
  5. Kefron can intelligently capture information, extract it using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology and feed the data into the next stage of your business process
  6. We index data against specific classifications and output the data to a pre-agreed format
  7. Data is securely transferred to your organisation in digital format


Talk to Kefron today for help finding the right solution for your business.

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02 Nov 2018

By Laura Mazzia Piciot
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