Products in Records Management

Cloud Services by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

Zasio partners with to provide fully-managed application and database servers to handle all your records management needs in one place. ... Read full product

Master Data Management


Avaali’s Master Data Maintenance Tool helps you manage your SAP Master Data. Using this simple to use but very effective tool built on OpenText Content Server Platform, enterprises can put in a strong Governance policy for all your SAP Master Data.... Read full product

Shared Service automation

by Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on

Transform your SSC with new technology and platforms that not only minimizes manual interventions but also has a major impact on further bringing down cost of operations.... Read full product

Versatile Product Add-Ons by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

Compliment your Versatile records management solution(s) with Zasio's powerful add-on tools.... Read full product

KolayPortal Innovation

by Erksoft on

Innovation Management Software takes participation of company’s internal and external parts as being the basis and aims to create innovation together. ... Read full product


by ELO USA on

ELOoffice is a document management and archiving system for small businesses and individual users. It provides an easy and affordable migration from paper-based processes to real-time digital data.... Read full product

Versatile Retention Int’l™ by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

Versatile Retention Int’l™ (VRI) is Zasio's complete retention schedule management and research tool that will keep your global schedule up-to-date and under control. ... Read full product

Versatile Professional™ by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

Versatile Professional (VP) is Zasio's perfect management solution designed to simplify the process of organizing and managing physical records, plus imaging and email*.... Read full product

Versatile Retention™ by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

The complete schedule management and research solution, with approximately 60,000 U.S. legal citations in the knowledge base, gives your organization complete control over all aspects of your retention schedule.... Read full product

Versatile Enterprise LE™ by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

Versatile Enterprise LE™ is Zasio’s premier records and document management system designed for law firms. ... Read full product