Rapid Prototyping

Becoming more digitally agile and gaining useful access to data are priorities for all organisations, but the issue until now has been how. Creating ‘minimum viable products’ is the key to speedy transformation, allowing any business to get a new digital service or application up and working for under £50,000 – something they can test, tweak and build on once everyone can see its potential. 

We’ve helped an investment company unlock more than 20 processes that were PC reliant, giving users secure, real-time mobile access to data that was previously confined to their SAP system.

Using our platform, a German bank quickly and affordably created a portal solution for B2B customer self-service, starting small and then scaling up to much larger use cases.

And car giant Volkswagen has used ApiOmat to build an entire digital car dealership system, from custom configuration and ordering to financing and delivery, in just 10 months – which, for something of that magnitude, is lightning speed.

ApiOmat is the platform behind EASY Software, too, making its core digital content management services available in the cloud, to maximise process transformation potential for its customers.

Whether the goal is to create new customer contact channels using chatbots, or let suppliers look up their own account histories, the low-code path makes it possible to bring data to life at speed. It paves the way for new and better experiences for users, customers and business partners, optimising relationships and driving more profitable revenue – whether by improving the availability of goods, or commanding better prices from suppliers.

As organisations review their options, the starting point for transformation might simply be, “What else can we do with the information we have?”. Making it happen is now the easy part.


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28 Apr 2020

By EASY Apiomat
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