PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology

Classify Documents and Extract Critical Data

The PaperVision Forms Magic technology offers unmatched accuracy of document recognition and classification. Any data within the document can be extracted to poplulate index values or other databases. The FM technology is fully integrated component of PaperVision Capture, and documents and data can be exported to a wide variety of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) sustems including PaperVision Enterprise and ImageSilo.

Boost Efficiency with Document Recognition and Data Extraction

  • Setup new forms in minutes using the artificial intelligence engine to begin recognizing document types immediately without complex programming
  • Accurate document recognition and classification eliminates the need for manual document sorting prior to scanning.
  • Integrate forms processing into document management practices for a seamless information strategy.

Improve Control with Accurate Classification

  • Utilize the only forms processing application with patented artificial intelligence to dramatically improve     classification accuracy rates and reduce manual corrections.
  • Process color forms, damaged records, and other low-quality original documents with ease.
  • Convert vulnerable paper records into electronic files that are protected by user login, encryption, and multiple layers of system security.

Save Money by Eliminating Costly Manual Processes

  • Minimize costly keystrokes with data extraction that automatically populates index values or other      line-of-business applications with critical data.
  • Improve cash flow by speeding information processes and reducing time-to-payment schedules.
  • Integrate forms easily into electronic workflow processes and distribute them quickly to improve decision-making throughout the enterprise.

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17 Feb 2017

By Digitech Systems
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