OnPointe for Print Stream and Image

As the desire to move to a paperless environment has increased, so has the demand on organizations’ online billing, payments and e-delivery infrastructure. Providing personalized, responsive and secure online customer experiences have become imperative in today’s business environment. The technical infrastructure needed to support this growing demand calls for investment in new processing technology with a greater storage footprint, higher availability and reliability, tighter security and governance controls.


OnPointe®, can address a full range of storage, business, legal and regulatory challenges that can help you better manage high-volume output and meet growing requirements for on-demand access to that information. 


OnPointe for Print Stream and Image, a key component of OnPointe, helps you advance your high-volume and document output capabilities to meet customer, compliance, legal and even green initiatives within your business while helping reduce costs, improve security and increase efficiency in managing your information.

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09 Aug 2017

By viewpointe
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