NTFS Security Management Suite

The NTFS Security Management Suite 2014 simplifies the task of managing NTFS permissions for Systems and Windows Administrators. With its combined potential of NTFS Security Auditor and the NTFS Security Manager. The suite can be used by administrators to audit and review permissions, modify them and copy a set of permission from one group and apply them elsewhere. While the Security Auditor provdes indepth reports on the state of permissions, ACEs on shares, protected folders and files, the Security Manager takes them one step further by allowing them to change or update these permissions according to the changing needs of the environment.

When there is a need to regularly review the security of data in a network, the audit reports provided by the Security Auditor fulfill the need. And when there is a need to configure/reconfigure NTFS permissions, then the NTFS Security Manager provides administrators with various wizards to change and upgrade their security to the levels desired.

The suite is designed as a complete solutions to the needs of the adminsitrators and is built to take care of every conceivable NTFS permissions scenario. You can test this suite in your environment by downloading it for a trial from NTFS Security Management Suite from Vyapin.

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