New Office 365 Management Suite from Vyapin

Vyapin’s Office 365 Management Suite is designed to simplify the tasks of Office 365 administrators who are either migrating to or already migrated to the Office 365 environment. By combining all critical tasks under a single desktop console, it significantly cuts down the time and complexities involved in the control and management of Office 365.


Office 365 Manager

This module in the initial version is limited to provisioning and de-provisioning Office 365 licenses. But future editions promise an entire range of Office 365 management tasks.


Office 365 Export

This module helps you export either Exchange Online Public Folders or User Mailbox Folders to your desired storage drive. Besides you can also use this module to help project specific or event specific mails and attachments from user mailboxes based on rules. There are also rules for naming your exported files for a fine tuned export operation. Exporting your mailboxes may also assist in archiving your mails using other third-party archiving tools.


Office 365 Reports

This module provides important Exchange Online reports on Mailboxes, Groups, Public Folders, Contacts and Licenses. The Mailboxes reports cover all mailboxes and items in detail as well as a summary. The Groups reports provide information about members, restrictions, addresses, settings and dates. The Contacts provide details about various mail contacts and users. Under Licenses you can have an organization wide view of all your Office 365 licenses by Users, License Types and License Count.


Office 365 SharePoint Reports

This module provides reports on Configuration, Security and Inventory details about your Office 365 SharePoint Online. Configuration covers Templates, Workflows, Web Parts, Columns, Content Type, etc. Security reports are quite comprehensive by listing out the Effective Permissions at various levels such as Sites, Lists, Items, Objects, Users and Groups, as well as objects with and without permissions. It also lists Limited Access Permissions. The Inventory section provides all details about your Sites, Lists and Items.


Multiple Tenants

You can configure multiple tenants for use within the application. This will be particularly useful for consultants that work with multiple organizations, keeping each tenant data in a separate database. Organizations having multiple tenants will find it useful to manage tasks and keep a separate audit trail for each tenant.


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26 May 2015

By Anand Kumar
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