Myths about paper, facts about document management

With all the talk about the Digital Age, many assume paper-based communications are on their way out. Everyone—from household recyclers to multinational corporations—is trying to stop using paper, so the end must be nigh, no? In fact, no. According to the Aberdeen Group, “the volume of documents and unstructured data is growing by over 30% per year.”

As a result, business sectors that remain dependent on paper documents and records—such as banking, insurance, health and the public sector—are missing out on many of the benefits digital document management offers, such as online document collaboration and mobile document management. But digitization isn’t just a “git ‘er done” task. It requires a strategy.

  • Which paper documents should be digitized?
  • Should all of every document be digitized?
  • What are the cost-benefit tradeoffs?
  • When in a document’s lifecycle should digitization occur?

While there’s no question that any business can be helped by a digitization initiative, careful planning is critical to finding the right balance between managing physical documents and full digital conversion.

To learn more about document management in the digital age and implementing an effective document management system, read:

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20 Feb 2014

By Solgeniakhela
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