MacroView DMF

Are you interested in using Microsoft SharePoint to replace your existing File Shares and Outlook folders?  Are your users frustrated by the out-of-the-box experience of document management in SharePoint?

MacroView DMF enhances and extends the native document management capabilities of SharePoint, enabling efficient document management solutions that are popular with business users. 

MacroView DMF provides the funcitonality that allows users to remain in the applications they work in such as Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Abobe Reader/Acropat and Windows itself whilst making full use of SharePoint.

MacroView DMF addresses many of the frustrations that are reported by users as they attempt to use the out-of-the-box interface for managing documents and emails in SharePoint. These frustrations include:

  • Cannot drag-and-drop in Outlook to save emails and attachments to SharePoint
  • Difficult to visualize and navigate the structure of the SharePoint document store.
  • Poor performance when the SharePoint document store is large – e.g. library contains large number of folders and files.
  • Need to leave the application where you are working (e.g. Word, Excel) to perform a Search across the SharePoint document store.
  • Errors when you attempt to load a file whose name contains characters that are invalid in SharePoint.
  • Difficult to save a PDF to SharePoint directly from Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Re-saving a PDF that you have opened from SharePoint forces you to re-enter metadata and lose version history.
  • Existing metadata and version history not retained when you move a document to a document library in a different Site Collection.
  • Inconsistent capture of metadata – no prompting for metadata when you upload multiple documents, with the result that documents may not be visible to other users.
  • When you upload a file from Windows folder you lose its Created Date and Author details.

MacroView DMF provides an intuitive, accurate tree-view display of your SharePoint document store, which makes visualizing the structure of that SharePoint store as familiar as using Windows Explorer.

MacroView DMF supports hybrid solutions for managing documents and emails.  Your document store can extend over one or multiple on-premises SharePoint web applications and also an Office 365 tenancy. MacroView DMF (Hybrid) uses a patented custom web service to provide full functionality and unrivalled volume handling capability.

Excellent user experience

  • Intuitive tree-view display – makes working with O365 and SharePoint as familiar as working with folder trees in Windows file shares or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Drag and drop in Outlook to save emails and attachments.
  • Drag and drop to upload files from Windows folder.
  • Windows-style right-click menus – familiar to Windows users
  • Search for documents and emails by metadata and content while you work in Outlook, Word and other familiar applications.
  • Formatted previews of documents and emails.
  • Rapid access to favourite and recently used areas
  • Supports a wide range of national languages – including double byte languages.
  • Consistent experience across Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader / Acrobat and Windows.

Comprehensive Functionality

  • Excellent support for browsing and navigation.
  • Full support for Views as defined in SharePoint.
  • Open, download, rename, delete, move, copy, etc.
  • Background bulk-saving of emails.
  • Save and upload documents and emails with support for all types of metadata columns and great automatic metadata capture.
  • Check-out / check-in, numbering, versioning, Version History.
  • Declare as Record, Add / Remove Legal Holds.
  • Audit History for a selected document.
  • Take Offline / Connect to One Drive.
  • Open and Save / resave PDFs in SharePoint from Adobe Reader, Acrobat.
  • Optional modules available which enable SharePoint-based solutions that have all the functionality of a traditional DM system.

Customize to Fit Your Requirements

  • Changes made to the underlying SharePoint design and Views reflected accurately in MacroView DMF user interface.
  • Define your own MacroView Search panels tailored to the way your teams and business units work and use metadata.
  • Add custom items to the right-click menus;Workflow, Create Project, Create Extranet, New Document, etc
  • Customize the MacroView Profiling/metadata capture dialog; support custom field types, automatic metadata, etc.
  • Rebranding and custom wording of menus, messages, etc.

Large Volume Handling

  • Proven ability to cope with large SharePoint document stores.
  • Patented custom web service of MacroView DMF Hybrid enables server-side caching for efficient browsing and navigation.

Ease of Administration

  • Enter license details once centrally – individual users do not need to enter license details.
  • No need to register individual site collections – simply register the web application(s) or 365 tenancies and MacroView DMF displays the full tree structure – security trimmed to each user.
  • Smart Installer streamlines installation of client-side components.
  • Extensive client-side settings – which can all be rolled out using Group Policy. 
  • Does not change how documents are stored in SharePoint – enables use of other SharePoint add-ons – e.g. workflow.

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