MacroView ClauseBank

Do you want to streamline the generation of documents?

With MacroView ClauseBank all users have convenient and immediate access to the latest standard content. This eliminates the time wasted in searching for material in previously generated documents and also the risk of using out-of-date copy. MacroView solutions are built on Microsoft Office and SharePoint so that they can be maintained by business users and have the flexibility that modern business requires.

MacroView ClauseBank improves the accuracy and efficiency of document preparation in Microsoft Office, by making it easy to find and re-use standard / approved text and graphics, such as product feature and service descriptions, customer and product logos, consultant profiles, disclaimer texts and clauses for insertion into legal agreements. 

 Convenient and Intuitive

  • Runs where you want to work –  in Word, Outlook or PowerPoint
  • Appears in Insert and Home ribbons
  • Drag and drop to select and de-select clauses
  • Supports multiple languages, including double-byte languages such as Chinese

Find the Right Content to Re-Use

  • Click Insert>Clause to see a menu of available content items arranged by category or in a tree structure that reflects your organization
  • Formatted previews of available content items
  • Filter content items by name, or search for content items by the text that they contain
  • Descriptions provide guidance as to intended usage of content items

Compliance with Style Standards

  • Styles preserved as selected content items are retrieved and inserted into your document, email or presentation
  • Handles complex multi-level paragraph numbering
  • Minimises need for skills in Word / PowerPoint in order to prepare content that complies with your organization’s style standards

Empowers Users to Add New Content

  • Simply select content in Word document and click New Clause – user is prompted for required details, which can be as little as a name for the proposed new content item.
  • Workflow can be used so that proposed new clauses are not generally available until they are approved by a Content Administrator or Knowledge Manager.
  • Making it easy for end-users to add new content helps ensure that the central content bank stays relevant as needs change.

Ensures Use of Up-to-date Content

  • Content items can have an Update Frequency and Content Expert specified for them e.g. Annual, Quarterly, etc.
  • Content items will expire if they have not been reviewed during their Update Frequency interval.
  • Users cannot retrieve expired items
  • Content Experts are automatically notified of their expiring content item

Enables Better Template Management

  • Content that is common to multiple templates and precedents and be stored as a content item in ClauseBank, and retrieved as the template or precedent is about to be used.
  • Uses ClauseLinks and Expand Clause Links.
  • Eliminates the need to locate and maintain multiple instances of the common content across all templates/precedents

 Easy to Deploy

  • Content items are stored in a SharePoint site.
  • Can be implemented on any level of SharePoint – Office 365 SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Foundation and on-premises SharePoint Server.
  • Enter license details once centrally – individual users do not need to enter license details.
  • ClauseBank sites automatically detected and displayed
  • Client-side settings can all be rolled out using Group Policy

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