Intelligent Business Process Management Suite by Newgen

OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) suite strategically orchestrates advanced technological tools to model, deploy and manage mission-critical business processes that span multiple enterprise applications, corporate departments, and business partners. This platform independent Business Process Management suite from Newgen has seamless integration capabilities, allowing it to be introduced to any existing IT infrastructure. It allows businesses to grow and innovate through improved business insights, greater process control and enhanced customer experience.

OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) suite thrives on 4 inherent capabilities to transform businesses across industries:-


State of the art integration capabilities with any third party Enterprise Content Management engine including OmniDocs ECM suite to seamlessly manage all enterprise content. It can also be introduced to any enterprise application or middleware through ESBs (Enterprise Service Bus)


Collaborative platform for designing/modeling efficient business processes and creating smarter rules that define operational workflows. It leverages various social platforms and a unique ‘Chat’ functionality to bring together the domain experts, business leaders and process stakeholders.


Advanced analytics engine that lends businesses a distinct competitive edge by driving operational innovation and unique strategic initiatives. It allows businesses to monitor real-time process performance and track dynamic market movements to make smarter, well-informed decisions.


Agile solution architecture allows businesses to quickly adapt to market conditions by triggering real-time response mechanism to meet dynamic customer demands. It fosters an environment of continual process improvement and adaptability.

OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) suite comes with a comprehensiveDynamic Case Management functionality, allowing systematic collaboration of individuals and processes in a structured or ad-hoc manner to support non-standardized, unpredictable processes. Newgen also offers BPM on Cloud to support the dynamic business needs of growing businesses.

Below are the 8 key components that are integral to OmniFlow Intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) suite:-

Process Modeling & Simulation

OmniFlow iBPM Process Modelerfacilitates seamless, real-time interactions amongst key stakeholders – business leaders, business analysts, process owners, business users, and IT departments for designing all aspects of processes, user experiences and business rules. These models can be tested through OmniFlow iBPM Process Simulator using real process data, allowing businesses to create intelligent and effective processes.

Workflow & Rules Management

Newgen’s workflow engine allows you to create, optimize and manage dynamic rule based workflows, maintaining the integrity of process definitions determined by business strategy and industry standards. Leveraging market intelligence from real-time analytics, it lets you change rules seamlessly, without the need to alter core process framework. Besides rule driven structured processes, it supports unplanned or unstructured workflows through the built-in Case Management capability.

Process Administration & Control

OmniFlow iBPM suite has a powerful web-based system administration and user management portal that provides a single window to all business users to perform their tasks with speed and precision. It allows business users to access various enterprise applications and application components required to manage their tasks efficiently.

Master Data Management

OmniFlow iBPM suite provides a powerful and flexible Master Data Management (MDM) tool to manage enterprise data centrally by enforcing data governance policies across various organizational departments and functions. It brings a high degree of consistency and standardization when dealing with critical enterprise data to draw key business insights from it.


Newgen’s smart Business Process Management solution expands the scope of process analytics to create leaner smarter and more effective business processes. It encompasses active, on-demand and predictive analytics along with real-timeBusiness Activity Monitoring (BAM), to foster operational intelligence through improved process visibility and business responsiveness.

Complex Event Processing

OmniFlow iBPM suite enables real-time analysis of an event or a series of events to detect definite patterns that point to a set of actions needed to respond appropriately to emerging threats and opportunities. These patterns can be connected to customized alerts or automatic triggers, leading to preemptive business processes.


Newgen’s Mobile BPM platform provides key stakeholders with anytime-anywhere access to work-related processes and information for improving the responsiveness and overall business performance. It creates dynamic, new channels of real-time information capture and processing through Newgen’sEnterprise Mobile Capture Application – ZapIn, turning customer self service into a reality for process heavy organizations.

Social Integration

Newgen’s Business Process Management platform integrates social interactions with business operations, enabling active participation of all internal and external stakeholders in creation and execution of critical processes. It also captures and analyses important customer insights from social platforms to bring ground level market intelligence into the process framework.

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