Intellective Unity

The number of applications and repositories being utilized by forward thinking organizations is ever expanding. The result is often increased security risks, higher maintenance costs and delays in new application deployments. Leveraging a Digital Transformation platform like Unity allows IT professionals the ability to secure data by obfuscating infrastructure and better managing enterprise architectural challenges. The end result? Faster time to market for business applications that are secure, easily maintained and more efficient while enhancing the end-user experience.

Imagine recognizing an opportunity to improve your organizations fundamental business applications one day and being able to implement change, enterprise wide in days not months or years. It’s closer than you think, but it requires a new approach to digital modernization. It requires recognizing that digital technologies such as social media, mobility, and data analytics are not goals to attain but tools to get closer to your customers, empower employees, and transform internal business processes. 
 It’s understanding that digital success isn’t all about technology, it’s about understanding how to use technology to radically improve organizational performance. 

Noticing that customers are changing their behavior faster than firms can evolve and adapting to this new reality. But it requires a new approach to digital transformation. 

The benefit? Radical improvement in operational efficiency and digital productivity, reduced operating costs, enabling you to deliver better solutions faster than ever.

Intellective Unity

Intellective Unity accelerates the deployment of sophisticated applications that speed up and optimize business processes by empowering users to find what they need when they need it, all with integrated actionable analytics.

Unity features include:

  • Low-code, configurable User Interface and Services including integration with repositories and database applications, security, and more.
  • Extensive Enterprise search capabilities including Search Templates, Semantic Search, Advanced Search and much more.  Search across documents and database data from a single search.  Search across BPM/Cases.
  • Built-in Intelligence Engine based on Lucene and SOLR.  Crawl your enterprise to build a high-performance enterprise search database, including content, data and workflows.  Or use the engine as a SOLR Analytics foundation.
  • Actionable Analytics.  Analytic visualizations are actionable.  Quickly filter and action on workflows and documents without leaving the Analytics Dashboard.
  • Process Mining using the built-in Sankey D3 Visualization which shows details of historical or current workflow processes in your operation.
  • Leverage D3 Analytic Visualizations to extend the Unity Analytics.
  • Normalize Data across repositories or even applications for Unity-based applications.
  • Extend Security of your systems down to a user role and field level.  Even systems that do not have extensive security can now be dramatically improved.
  • Extensive integration with repositories, database applications, workflows applications and more
  • Flexible Portal interface, based on Sencha Themes, is perfect for customer and constituent and knowledge worker portals.
  • Business Objects representing content, data, and process information as a single business object providing you with a true 360-degree view of your customer or constituents.
  • Fully customizable interface and environment.  Built on ExtJS 6 and Sencha.
  • Completely Open Source Stack including integration with jBPM, Drools, Wildfly, PostgreSQL, and Alfresco Community Edition.
  • Use with your choice of Workflow engines, repositories, database applications and deploy locally or globally.
  • Built in Unity Sciences dock to integrate the Unity Intelligence Engine with Hadoop User Experience (HUE) or other Enterprise Analytics solutions.
  • Use to integrate SaaS applications such as Salesforce with your Enterprise corporate repositories, applications and workflow systems.


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27 Jul 2018

By Intellective
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