InoTec 400-series High-Volume Document Scanners

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Distributed exclusively by The Crowley Company in North America, InoTec's SCAMAX® 4x2 and 4x3 series open a new dimension in document capture. Utilizing innovative technology, it has increased product reliability and scanning throughput for even the most difficult of scanning projects.

Winner of the 2013 Buyers Lab Winter Pick for Production Scanners

Image enhancements and processing are handled by the scanner’s own internal hardware – improving work flow productivity by eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing on an external PC.

The InoTec 400-series scanners offer bi-tonal/color throughput of between 90 to 170ppm and are characterized by a number of key advantages:

  • No daily volume limits
  • No consumable costs
  • Minimal consumable requirements
  • Incredibly low lifetime ownership costs.
  • 90ppm, 120ppm and 150ppm models upgradable as required
  • ISIS, TWAIN and Kofax VRS-compatible

The SCAMAX® has a newly designed feeder concept which ensures that a widely varying range of documents can be fed automatically through the scanner. Even the thinnest of paper is transported through the scanner reliably, ensuring minimum downtime due to misfeeds.

Read the case study: St. Mary's Hospital

SCAMAX 4x2 Literature

SCAMAX 4x3 Literature

SCAMAX scan+ Image Processing Software

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07 Apr 2014

By The Crowley Company
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