everteam.policy is an effective tool for capturing, documenting and maintaining retention and governance policies for the entire enterprise.

As regulations proliferate and compliance requirements increase, organizations need to document and maintain their corporate retention rules as well as legal justifications and other data and privacy policies. But defining and formalizing those policies can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

everteam.policy is a simple-to-use solution that allows organizations to quickly develop, publish and maintain enterprise-wide information policies. It supports a hierarchical classification scheme, comprehensive retention rules and customizable information properties to capture your complete set of governance policies.

With everteam.policy, the organization has a single, centralized repository for all information policies, ensuring a single point of access, a single version of all policies and a single place for users and systems to retrieve up-to-date policies.

Download the everteam.policy datasheet.

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17 Apr 2019

By Barb Mosher Zinck
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