Enhanced Data Extraction Processes, Powered by Advanced Rendering

Enhanced Data Extraction Processes, Powered by Advanced Rendering

Statistics tell us that about 90% of the average enterprise organization’s data is unstructured. How does a company gain control of all of this potentially vital data without making a huge investment in manual labor?

Data extraction supports organizations by optimizing their day-to-day content capture-centric processes: case management, matter intake, claims management, account on-boarding, contract reviews, invoice processing, email collection, and many others. This helps organizations to mitigate risk and increase efficiencies, improve collaboration and uncover opportunities to examine business data.

Adlib’s data extraction capabilities enable organizations to automate the intelligent ingestion and processing of digitally-born, or post-scan paper, content. Applying enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) techniques, image comparison technology and PDF interpretation enables organizations to extract intelligence and unlock value from their unstructured content.

Read this datasheet to discover how Adlib’s data extraction capabilities help organizations optimize the capture of unstructured content.

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