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ELOoffice is part of the ELO Digital Office suite of digital content management innovations. With ELOoffice you can easily manage your documents in a structured manner based on customers or transactions and store them in digital folders. Transfer paper-based documents directly into ELOoffice and then process them further.


ELOoffice allows you to continue working the way you are used to by creating documents in Microsoft Office and then saving them straight to your ELOoffice repository. The proven filing concept and the simplified user interface allow you to use the software without requiring time-consuming training.


Capture documents digitally and benefit from the advantages of new technology. Synchronize important data to your smartphone or tablet and access your repository remotely. This makes relevant information available at all times and allows you to answer customer inquiries at any time and from any place.

Synchronize new documents created while out on business with your ELOoffice repository. Take a picture of a document with your mobile end device to file it to ELOoffice with a single tap. Your repository remains neat and clean at all times – essential for fast reaction times and, ultimately, your success.


Stay on top of all important business documents. ELOoffice allows you to manage your documents in one central place in a structure that is based on transactions and customers. ELOoffice takes on automatic filing for you and creates the corresponding version history at the same time, which significantly reduces your workload. Replace cumbersome and time-consuming searches for specific information with fast searches with just a few clicks. The required documents are available in an instant with ELOoffice, giving you more time for important tasks.

Anytime - Anywhere Document Access

ELO MobileConnector lets you easily transfer selected documents and folders to your smart- phone or tablet. This makes it possible to use these files while out of the office and even without an Internet connection.

Record Information while Out-of-Office.

Use the ELO QuickScan app to conveniently record documents or images with your smartphone. The app's automatic image recognition assures clean edges and a perfect image. Easily transfer the documents and images you captured to your ELOoffice repository. Here, the files are stored in the filing location you selected as a PDF with the correct version number.

ELO Digital Office solutions help companies to digitally manage corporate information by creating an infrastructure for secure, fast, effective, and economical business processes.

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09 Mar 2017

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