DocKIT for SharePoint

The Windows file server to SharePoint content migration application, DocKIT for SharePoint allows administrators to migrate files and folders in their file servers, workstations, shared folders along with their permissions to SharePoint servers.

Apart from migrating default (original created, modified dates, author name) and custom file properties, SharePoint metadata can also be updated during the migration process. By mapping NTFS permissions to SharePoint Site permissions, the same set of access rules can be created in SharePoint.

Filters allow specific files and folders to be migrated if necessary. And all these process can be automated to start migration at the scheduled time.

Can also be used to independently update metadata of migrated Documents and Items in SharePoint. Several versions of the Documents can be saved in SharePoint and the filenames/folder names can be adjusted so that they comply with SharePoint naming rules.

If necessary the file server documents can be migrated to multiple SharePoint destinations through a single migration task, negating the need for repeat steps and reducing server downtime significantly.

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