Xillio’s method is unique, as it not only searches for exact duplicate documents, but also for look-a-likes. This means, documents that are in accordance with each other, or different versions of a document, based for a set percentage of their content (words in the document).

The multiple versions of a document are collected, and based on business rules a decision will be made for what the destination of the documents will be (eg. deleting, moving, stacking versions). This way your versioning is fully in order.

Key benefits:

  • No complicated configuration; hit & run solution
  • Highly scalable (supports millions of documents)
  • Flexible solution, you decide what the threshold is for corresponding documents
  • Single point of storage and compliance
  • Better discoverability and increased end-user productivity
  • Easily meet compliance requirements
  • Reduce storage costs

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03 Aug 2016

By Xillio
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