conceptClassifier Platform


The technology is used in a heterogeneous environment and the API’s are provided to supply the automatically generated semantic metadata to any search engine index to enable concept based searching. The API’s are also used to integrate with any other system or application that uses metadata, such as content management systems and applications such as records management, data protection, and migration.

The conceptClassifier platform is based on our Smart Content Framework™ for information governance and incorporates best practices for developing an enterprise framework to mitigate risk, automate processes, manage information, protect privacy, and address compliance issues. Underlying the framework is the technology to:

The framework is being used to enable Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions to improve search, records management, enterprise metadata management, text analytics, migration, enterprise social networking, and data security.

Incorporating our industry recognized Smart Content Framework™ and our intelligent metadata enabled solutions, conceptClassifier provides the technology for organizations who want to implement automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management, in a non-SharePoint environment.

When to Use the conceptClassifier Platform?

  • Need the ability to automatically generate semantic metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomy management
  • Need to deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment
  • Deployed in a  non-SharePoint environment
  • Integration with a third party search engine to be used internally, on an extranet, web site, or self-service customer portals
  • Ability to build taxonomies
  • Ability to auto-classify content from diverse repositories
  • Integration with third party applications or connect with diverse repositories
  • Take advantage of API’s, custom controls, and demonstration source code
  • On-the-fly classification of content is a priority
  • Where performance and scalability are key considerations
  • Where the platform is technology agnostic

What are the key outcomes?

The key outcomes are based on the organization’s objectives and what they want to accomplish. Organizations are using the conceptClassifier platform to:

  • Integrate with any search engine
  • Integrate with other repositories
  • Integrate with any application that requires the use of metadata
  • Eliminate manual tagging
  • Improve enterprise search
  • Facilitate records management
  • Detect and automatically secure unknown privacy exposures
  • Intelligently migrate content
  • Enhance eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA requests
  • Enable text analytics
  • Provide structure to enterprise social networking applications

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21 Sep 2015

By Nicola Barnes
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