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conceptClassifier for Office 365 is currently the only solution in the market that enhances search, automatically identifies documents of record, secures confidential information from unauthorized access, provides intelligent migration, and improves any business process that utilizes metadata.

Office 365 can provide a strong return on investment and enable ubiquitous access for end users regardless of where they are located. Moving to a cloud environment, even a hybrid environment, poses challenges with regard to applying a consistent information governance strategy across all environments. conceptClassifier for Office 365 enables effective management of unstructured content by enforcing and extending enterprises’ on-premise information governance policies within the cloud environment. Metadata driven policy actions on content used in migration, identifying and securing sensitive information, or in the automatic declaration of documents of record, are capabilities added to the Office 365 platform. conceptClassifier for Office 365  provides management of the term sets, synchronizing the Term Store with the corporate taxonomies in the conceptTaxonomyManager component, and auto-classifying content to enable effective management of unstructured content by applying the same information governance policies in all environments.

 What are the key features?

  • Operational alignment enables information governance and continuity of business processes for all enterprise content
  • Framework architecture that is installed once and re-used to improve business processes such as search, records management, migration, and data privacy
  • Feature rich solution that extends Office 365 by adding robust information governance capabilities to Office 365
  • Intelligent migration capabilities to analyze content based on organizationally defined descriptors and vocabularies, automatically classify the content to taxonomies or the SharePoint Term Store, and automatically apply organizationally defined workflows
  • Cloud ready and has been deployed in hybrid as well as cloud only environments
  • Enterprise enabled and easily deployed and managed, providing one source to manage all unstructured and semi-structured content
  • 365 view of all content regardless of where it resides including file shares, SharePoint, and web sites


What are the key outcomes?

conceptClassifier for Office 365 is currently the only product available that addresses the challenges in Office 365 including the following:

  • Eliminates manual tagging
  • Auto classifies content regardless of where it resides
  • Enables concept based searching using Office 365 search
  • Intelligently migrates content from SharePoint to the cloud as well as from file stores and diverse repositories
  • Fully compatible with SharePoint 2013 and maintains Globally Unique Identifiers (GUIDs) during migration
  • Automatically declares documents of record and routes to the records management application for disposition
  • Detects and automatically secures unknown privacy exposures in real time as content is created or ingested
  • Functions simultaneously and bi-synchronously with the Term Store

Watch our webcast -"conceptClassifier for SharePoint Online & Office 365 Technology Differentiators"

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02 Apr 2014

By Concept Searching
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