Concept Searching Technology Platform


The Concept Searching Technology Platform is based on our Smart Content Framework™ for information governance, and incorporates best practices for developing an enterprise framework to mitigate risk, automate processes, manage information, protect privacy, and address compliance issues. Underlying the framework is the technology to:

The framework is being used to enable intelligent metadata enabled solutions to improve search, records management, enterprise metadata management, text analytics, migration, enterprise social networking, and data security.

Why Use the Concept Searching Technology Platform?

  • To take advantage of the full product and feature set including conceptSearch, conceptSQL, APIs, custom controls, and demonstration source code
  • Need a powerful enterprise search solution that delivers highly precise results
  • Used frequently in external web sites, particularly those offering paid services to site visitors
  • Do not have a SharePoint environment but would like semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management
  • Do have a SharePoint environment but would like to use additional bundled products and features
  • Need to implement one or more intelligent metadata enabled solutionsthat may include:
    • Enterprise information governance
    • Content management
    • Content migration
    • Concept based searching
    • Sensitive information identification and protection
    • Automatic declaration of documents of record
    • Text analytics
    • Enterprise social networking

Why Use conceptSearch?

  • Enterprise concept based search engine
  • Compound terms are extracted when content is indexed from internal or external content sources, enabling the delivery of greater precision of relevant content at the top of search results
  • Relevance ranking displays extracts from the documents based on the query
  • Search refinement delivers to the end user highly correlated concepts that may be used to refine the search
  • Taxonomy browse capabilities are standard
  • Documents can be classified into one or more taxonomy nodes, enhancing the precision of documents returned
  • In addition to static summaries, Dynamic Summarization, a modified weighting system, can be applied that will identify in real-time short extracts that are most relevant to the user’s query
  • Related Topics will return results based on the conceptual meaning of the search terms used, using the ability to generate compound terms in a search.  For example, ‘triple’ is a single word term but ‘triple heart bypass’ is a compound term that provides a more granular meaning
  • Based on previous queries, or on extracts retrieved, end users can use the text to perform additional searches to retrieve more granular results
  • The product is based on an open architecture with all API’s based on XML and Web Services. Transparent access to system internals including the statistical profile of terms is standard
  • Highly scalable
  • High performance  specifically with classification occurring in real time
  • Easily customized to achieve your organizations’ objectives

What are the key outcomes?

The combination of the Smart Content Framework™, the Concept Searching Technology Platform, and the deployment of intelligent metadata enabled solutions result in a comprehensive and complete approach to metadata management in an internal or external environment. Our clients are using the technologies to:

  • Eliminate manual tagging
  • Deliver a concept based enterprise search engine
  • Facilitate records management
  • Detect and automatically secure unknown privacy exposures
  • Intelligently migrate content
  • Enhance eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA requests
  • Enable text analytics
  • Provide structure to enterprise social networking

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21 Sep 2015

By Nicola Barnes
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