BIGTARA – Archive Management Software

BIGTARA – Archive Management Software


Paper documents can be digitally recorded in Electronic Archive Management System using fast and precision scanners. This system offers operators such advanced features as organization of metadata on documents and editing of documents.


Unlike classical warehouse management systems, this system has been developed just based on the working logic of physical archive warehouses. Therefore, thanks to its capabilities, the system can meet all needs of the firms rendering physical archive warehouse service. From operational perspective, the initial work required to be performed is to identify each document with a barcode label and put them into folders labelled with barcodes and place these folders into identified boxes. The documents, folders and boxes which are identified with barcode labels are placed in the locations whose addresses are defined in the system.


  • Use of archive warehouse in the most effective way,
  • Elimination of the need for searching folder or box in warehouses and of errors,
  • Acceleration of all processes and ensuring time and shelf saving,
  • Recording of all operations and ensuring retroactive traceability,
  • Foreseeing with enhanced report options.
  • Physical archive tracking assisted by barcodes.

Product Specialties:

  • Network capacity 
    • Capacity of processing high format image
  • Scanner assist 
    • It can work with all kind of scanners assisting TWAIN
    • Optional WIA assist
    • Ability to work with all kinds of fine scanners and book scanners
    • Shortcut touches available in all scanners
    • Elastic file denomination system
  • Basic image processing 
    • Image turn
    • Cropping image
  • Advanced image processing 
    • Intelligent quality control system
    • Adding, re-scanning, re-filing or adding a new page between two pages
    • Image cropping and combining
    • Zoom in and out image
    • Image marking
    • Display improvement
    • Making circulation copy, making Thumbnail
    • Division with the aid of page, number and barcode
    • Online and offline division
    • Adding digital signature
    • Transfer motor 
      • Secure transfer sub-system
      • Transfer line
      • OCR Motor
    • Adding time mark
    • Making invariability record
  • Scanning 
    • Watching the pages while scanning
    • Correction of the pages that cannot be turned and deleted automatically and the pages that haven’t been completely scanned while scanning
    • The specialty of re-scanning 
      • In re-scanning works, the speciality of re-scanning of just one page and the availability of re-scanning the whole batch
    • The speciality of reading and classifying barcodes
    • Processing intense voluminous document 
      • Processing of the stations (scanning, indexing etc.) the documents of the same document pool in parallel but not affecting each other
    • Marking the high sized scans with the aim of control
    • Correcting the images scanned in an oblique manner
    • Deleting the points and the spots unwanted (the white spots converted in black or black spots converted in white)
    • Deleting the unwanted, vertical and horizontal lines
    • Correcting automatically written documents placed visa-versa on the feeding part
    • Blank page detection
    • Making explicit the difference between the transcription and the background to emphasize the transcription
    • Following the maintenance needs of the scanners in use and signal on maintenance time
  • Indexing 
    • Metadata area based indexing
    • Classifying
    • Intelligent Red system
    • Indexing barcodes
    • Rapid indexing with integration
    • Additional indexing application interface
    • The specialty of area comparison
    • Making rapid operations with the keyboard shortcuts
  • Quality control 
    • Rapid area control
    • Making rapid operations with the keyboard shortcuts
    • Random control sub-system
    • Intelligent Red system
  • Output adjustments 
    • TIFF/Multi-page, TIFF, Jpeg, multi-page, PDF, RFT, TXT
    • Searchable PDF (with OCR module)
    • System integration
  • Management Specialties 
    • Users’ management
    • Charge following 
      • Following receive and deliver the documents
    • Following the succession of the works and the ongoing works
    • Users’ performance follow
  • Searching specialties 
    • Simple searching specialty
    • Detailed searching specialty
  • Identification of physical archive 
    • Archive location following (cupboard, shelf, storage etc.)
    • Barcode tracking physical archive help

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13 Mar 2017

By Erksoft
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