AuthentiMate, A SharePoint Authentication Solution

Automate SharePoint Provisioning and External User Access

Share content and applications with your external customers, partners and stakeholders without the user management headaches.  With AuthentiMate, you can enable external access to your SharePoint 2010 and 2013 sites using popular cloud identity providers including Yahoo, Microsoft Account, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter.  This helps your organization address the complexity of configuring user management, federation and Single Sign-on settings in your SharePoint sites.


Features at a Glance

Easy Content Sharing AuthentiMate leverages and supplements built-in SharePoint 2013 and 2010 capabilities to allow your business users to share content with external parties. Just enter an email address and AuthentiMate handles the rest of the user registration flow.

Simple Registration Process Once invited, your external users can associte and subsequently log in with cloud identity providers including Yahoo, Microsoft Account (formerly Live ID), LinkedIn, Google, Facebook and Twitter.

One of the common challenges facing extranet deployment is ensuring user can be trusted to access the system. The Two Step Identity Verification option further enhances security of your content by requiring the initiator and invitee to connect offline to ascertain identity of the user prior to granting her access.

3.png Universal and Controlled Access Once logged on, your users can access a range of published services from on-premise SharePoint and compatible web applications to Office 365 services. Each logon is audited and shown in audit and content access discovery reports. Access may be granted for a fixed period of time to individual users and groups and be automatically revoked on a specified date or after a period of inactivity.
4.png Built for Cloud and Microsoft Azure AuthentiMate integrates tightly with Windows Azure Active Directory- a cloud service developed by Microsoft - for storing information about your users within your own Azure subscription. Instead of being locked into yet another proprietary application, you retain control and ownership of the data about your users.

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