Products in Scanning and Capture

Shared Service automation

by Avaali Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on

Transform your SSC with new technology and platforms that not only minimizes manual interventions but also has a major impact on further bringing down cost of operations.... Read full product


by Digitech Systems on

Get Control of Critical, Paper-based information Quickly and Easily with PaperFlow.... Read full product

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management

by Digitech Systems on

What if you could turn your print streams into easy-to-read electronic reports? Make your data more accessible and easier to manage with the ability to print, fax and distribute in an electronic format from PaperVision® Enterprise or ImageSilo®.... Read full product

PaperVision® Forms Magic Technology

by Digitech Systems on

What if you could identify and classify every form or document & extract all the data you need? The Forms Magic technology automatically classifies documents into types & extracts critical data to speed business processes.... Read full product

PaperVision® Capture

by Digitech Systems on

What if you could capture everything, speed up processes and reduce over all costs? Capture, integrate, & distribute documents & data quickly and efficiently with PaperVision Capture!... Read full product



The user-friendly ELOoffice 10.5 DMS software helps you speed up your processes, simplify your daily work load and increase your productivity in the long term.... Read full product

Dynamsoft Webcam SDK


Browser-based webcam capture SDK... Read full product

Dynamic Web TWAIN

by Dynamsoft on

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a TWAIN-based scanning SDK software specifically designed for Web applications on Windows and Mac. All APIs are totally implemented in HTML5.Dynamic Web TWAIN performs Web scanning in all mainstream browsers.... Read full product

Dynamsoft Dynamic .NET TWAIN

by Dynamsoft on

Dynamic .NET TWAIN is a managed code component that enables you to acquire images from TWAIN compatible devices and Directshow Webcams.Carefully designed interface and Built-in wizard mode. Read full product

PaperStream Solutions


Simplify and improve document scanning efficiency with PaperStream document capture software solutions ... Read full product