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Launch into a new level of efficiency and productivity with document management and workflow automation in the cloud.... Read full product

Versatile OCR™ by Zasio

by Zasio Enterprises, Inc. on

OCR monitors new and updated files that are eligible to be processed, extracts the text from the document, and automatically stores it in the database for easy keyword searching. ... Read full product

a2ia CheckReader


An SDK powered by AI and machine learning, a2ia CheckReader is a core component of advanced image-based check processing systems for remote, teller and ATM check processing applications, currently trusted in more than 42 countries.... Read full product

a2ia DocumentReader


a2ia DocumentReader™ is a powerful document classification and key-field extraction engine that drives successful workflow automation and digital file conversion processes for leading businesses worldwide through document automation. ... Read full product

a2ia mNote


Integrated directly into mobile OS, apps, and note taking solutions, and without a dictionary, users can transcribe handwritten notes like meeting notes, to-do or shopping lists, and letters simply by taking a photo of their paper documents. ... Read full product

a2ia TextReader


For the first time on the market, the same powerful SDK can be used for printed and cursive text recognition, enabling all types of documents be transformed into searchable and editable formats – without the use of a dictionary. ... Read full product

a2ia Mobility


a2ia Mobility is an SDK that allows users to capture a high-quality image and to extract data from documents like checks, IDs, proof of residency forms, receipts, and bills in an offline and client-side environment.... Read full product

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Developer Toolkit

by LEAD Technologies, Inc on

Develop powerful document imaging applications with LEADTOOLS Document Imaging. Features include advanced PDF viewing and editing, comprehensive image annotation, specialized bitonal image display and image processing.... Read full product

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite Developer Toolkit

by LEAD Technologies, Inc on

The LEADTOOLS Document Imaging Suite SDK is a comprehensive collection of LEADTOOLS SDK features designed to build end-to-end document imaging applications within enterprise-level document automation solutions.... Read full product

LEADTOOLS ICR Module - OmniPage Engine

by LEAD Technologies, Inc on

LEADTOOLS ICR Module - OmniPage Engine is an add-on product for integrating intelligent character recognition (ICR) and optical character recognition (OCR) technology into applications... Read full product