Products in Enterprise Content Management

InoTec 400-series High-Volume Document Scanners

by The Crowley Company on

In high-volume paper environments, today’s digitizing workflow management requires InoTec’s combination of complex document scanning technology and operator simplicity, offering speed, value and nominal maintenance requirements.... Read full product

InoTec 500-series High-Performance Document Scanner

by The Crowley Company on

The InoTec 500 series high-performance document scanner is designed to handle maximum paper volumes. Throughout daily use, it delivers top image quality quickly and absolutely reliably – up to 460 A4 images per minute.... Read full product

conceptClassifier for Office 365 Platform

by Concept Searching on

Currently the only solution in the market that enhances search, automatically identifies documents of record, secures confidential information from unauthorized access, provides intelligent migration, and improves business processe that use metadata.... Read full product

conceptClassifier for SharePoint Platform

by Concept Searching on

A complete solution to manage unstructured and semi-structured data. Our award winning product is still the only enterprise automatic semantic metadata generation and taxonomy management solution that natively integrates with SharePoint.... Read full product

Prizm Content Connect

by Accusoft on

Prizm Content Connect is the fastest, highest quality document viewer that delivers secure, fully customizable viewing and collaboration.... Read full product

Yakidoo AutoUploader

by Yakidoo on

The Yakidoo Auto Uploader application for IBM Content Manager allows users to set up an automatic service that will poll a designated folder for text files.... Read full product

Yakidoo Drap and Drop

by Yakidoo on

Drag and Drop is an application which allows users to literally drag documents from their desktop (or any window) and drop them on to the application.... Read full product

Yakidoo CMoves

by Yakidoo on

Yakidoo CMoves is a unique application that extends the capability of your existing IBM Content Manager environment providing an easy to use graphical user interface.... Read full product

Yakidoo CS

by Yakidoo on

Yakidoo CS is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Application that securely manages and delivers documents across your entire organization designed for the mid-market.... Read full product

We’re done “searching the bushes” for information

by Solgeniakhela on

Remember when your paper boy just couldn’t hit the porch? Whether it’s the evening news or critical business data, getting the right information delivery model in place is a must. Fortunately, we’re moving away from imprecise physical delivery models... Read full product