a2ia Mobility

Offline Mobile Capture and Data Recognition for Checks, IDs, Forms, Receipts & Bills 

a2ia Mobility is a software toolkit (SDK) for integration into mobile apps and does not require a data connection or Wi-Fi to perform. In fact, all image analysis and recognition are executed directly on your device, allowing remote agents and merchants to capture data from checks, IDs, forms and receipts while their devices are offline.

With A2iA’s patented Auto-Locate™ available for implementation as a standard feature, users quickly and simply capture a clean, high-quality image. Then, the engine automatically locates and extracts data from the document, including machine print, handprint and cursive handwriting, without any manual keying. Enhance applications focused around complex mobile onboarding, check deposits, ID recognition and credentialing, and bill and receipt recognition.

a2ia Mobility is trusted by the largest banks and service organizations around the world and is tuned to address the specific documents and workflows found in each of the locales, ensuring high accuracy levels and increased straight-through processing. And, with the benefit of A2iA’s in-house R&D and Innovation Teams, A2iA has the ability to be quick and flexible in addressing market and partner requirements.

  • Powered by AI, machine learning and neural networks
  • Configurable SDK
  • Process multiple documents within the same SDK and integration: checks, IDs, forms, receipts, bills
  • 100% client-side & offline
  • Dramatic reduction of infrastructure costs
  • Higher straight-through processing
  • Simpler, more seamless user experience
  • Global footprint

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06 Feb 2018

By A2iA Corp
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