a2ia CheckReader

Automatically Capture Data, Mitigate Fraud & Ensure Image Quality Standards on Checks & Other Payment Documents

a2ia CheckReader™ is the global standard for advanced image analysis and intelligent recognition software used to seamlessly, precisely and securely process checks and other payment documentation by banks, financial institutions and other progressive corporations around the world.  A software toolkit (SDK) powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, a2ia CheckReader is a core component of advanced image-based check processing systems for remote, teller and ATM check processing, integrated directly into software applications running on the ATM or kiosk. 

Using its own proprietary, advanced neural network and artificial intelligence, a2ia CheckReader reads every field on a check or related payment document whether written in cursive handwriting or machine-printed text, as well as delivers information about check image quality, usability and negotiability in one simple call.  By providing a comprehensive and efficient use of computer resources, A2iA delivers faster and more accurate transactions.

  • Available in 42 country versions and 7 languages
  • Deployed by 8 of the top 10 US-based banks, 90% of French banks, 90% of Brazilian Banks, and 100% of UK banks More than 50,000 points of deposit worldwide
  • Over 70,000 ATM installs in the US, UK, France, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil.
  • Millions of daily transactions successfully processed

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08 Feb 2018

By A2iA Corp
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