Zasio Enterprises now offers an easier, more convenient way to manage your records retention schedules online.

Zasio, a global leader in Information Governance (IG) technology solutions and consulting services, now offers their records retention program, Versatile Retention, fully online. Versatile Retention is a complete retention schedule management and research solution that gives your business total control over your records retention schedule. With Zasio’s Software-as-a-Service option, there is no software to install, no servers to manage, and no updates to apply. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet.

“Our customers already tell us Versatile Retention is easy to use. Now it will be even easier because there will be nothing to install, and it will be accessible from any mobile device with an internet connection,” Warren Bean, Senior Sales Engineer at Zasio Enterprises said.

It can be a burden to find and comply with the laws that require businesses to keep records for a certain length of time. Versatile Retention provides a comprehensive solution to this business challenge. Zasio’s online records retention model lets you access, manage, and maintain your retention schedules anywhere and at any time.

Zasio’s Sale Staff currently offers demonstrations of this program to interested clients. For more information about this program or to schedule a demo, please contact Zasio at 1-800-513-1000, opt. 1 or email sales at