BOISE, ID — To celebrate 30 years in business, Zasio Enterprises, Inc. gifted a scholarship to the San José State University Masters in Archives and Records Administration Program. CEO Kevin Zasio presented the program with a scholarship to support the efforts of graduate students hoping to advance their education in the field.

Zasio, a records management and information governance software and consulting company, was founded in San José in 1987. Since the company achieved three decades in the industry, Kevin returned to his roots to gift the scholarship to the community that first supported it.

“Because almost every business creates, uses, stores, and disposes of data, and must adhere to evolving laws and regulations, there’s never been a greater need for talented, driven students,” Kevin said. “As more records are stored digitally, information governance expertise is vital for businesses success. It’s an honor to give back to the students at SJSU, who have the potential to give those businesses confidence in records management.”

Kevin and his team are passionate about information governance and the fields it encompasses. They believe the world needs more bright minds and innovative thinkers in the industry. Companies that put their confidence in information governance mitigate the risks of non-compliance with recordkeeping laws.

There are many fluid qualities in business that impact information governance decisions from cost, benefit, and risk perspectives. And because information governance trends are always changing, the company hopes to encourage interest in the field and nurture continued education.

“I know the iSchool recipient will be very grateful, and this award will help the student achieve their career aspirations in the records and information management field,” said Sandy Hirsh, Director for the SJSU School of Information.

There are currently 24 iSchool scholarships available to students at SJSU, providing more than $27,000 in financial assistance every year. iSchool scholarships are donated by faculty, students, and alumni, and they’re awarded based on academic merit.