Medicomp Solutions is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) technology solutions provider. The company offers its flagship product, Yeats Clinical™, to physicians, clinicians and primary care providers. As an EHR cloud software solution, it helps them streamline healthcare practice operations to save time, increase efficiencies, profitability, and improve the quality of patient care. One of the goals for the Yeats Document Management System (DMS) module is to help medical practices deal with the large volume of paperwork. Within Yeats Clinical, Medicomp Solutions leveraged Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN software development kit (SDK) to provide the scanning functionality in the DMS module. The SDK helped Medicomp Solutions deliver greater reliability and quality software. In the short-term, it saved the company significant time, effort and capital from having to develop its own scan and capture solution. In the long run, it will save Medicomp Solutions from having to also keep pace with industry technology changes over time. Today users of Yeats Clinical's DMS module can scan all patient documents and upload them directly to cloud storage. Medicomp Solutions knows it can count on the SDK's critical capabilities which include cross-platform document scanning support, portability between popular web browsers, 32/64-bit support, and of course technical support.